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12 obstructions

The computer has been enriched by a multitude of tools to make it less cold (insensitive) and virtual. The devices were created for communion that exists between the body of man and machine.

We forgot our amazement at our first use of the computer. "When I move the mouse, an arrow runs the same movement on the screen. I can enter "records", a "pencil" ... "

With packaging interfaces and regular use of machines in our lives, we tend to see the action on screen rather than on the keyboard or mouse. Let the machine no longer meets our expectation that we react to our actions and not those of the machine.

What would happen if the cursor becomes more an extension of our hand or conversely, if unresponsive, or poorly, the movement of our hands?

This CD-Rom aims to make you aware of your actions on the device (you type on the keyboard, moving the mouse) through obstructions across different modules.

When pressed obstruction mastered a new form of interaction possible with the keyboard or mouse will appear.